You know your business needs a worthy website to be successful. However, is it something you should try setting up on your own?

No matter how much you think you know about creating a website, a qualified web design company will be able to give you a superior website. Hiring a professional company also means you can save more of your time and make more money.

Don’t believe it’s the smart move to make? Here are five well-known companies that have hired professional web design agencies for their websites:

  1. Nike: Nike has consistently worked with top web design agencies to ensure their website reflects their brand’s dynamic and innovative spirit.
  2. Sony: Known for its cutting-edge technology, Sony has employed professional web designers to create a user-friendly and visually appealing online presence.
  3. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola’s website reflects its global brand identity, achieved through collaboration with skilled web design professionals.
  4. McDonald’s: As a leading fast-food chain, McDonald’s has invested in professional web design to enhance user experience and align with its branding.
  5. Ford: Ford Motor Company has utilized professional web design services to showcase its vehicles and corporate information effectively.

These companies understand the importance of a professionally designed website in maintaining their brand image and providing a superior user experience.

Here are 10 reasons why you should leave your website design to the professionals:

1. It Will Be a Time Saver

Even if you know a tiny bit, you probably do not know enough to build a concrete, optimized website.

That means you will have to spend a great deal of extra time trying to figure it out, which could take a long time and could still make you end up with a mediocre looking website. If your aim was to save some money by doing the work yourself, you will not be saving much of anything.

Every minute you are working on your website takes a minute away from what you really should be focusing on which is developing the rest of your business.

All of the other significant jobs will get shoved to the side as you work the website, and that could very well set you back.

Also, spending the money to get a professional web design company to create and build your website can get you more money back than you get on your own. If you are not sure exactly how to build a website, you might not make a very decent one.

A web design company will make you a competitive worthy website that will make you more money in the end.

2. Your Website Will Be Dependable

Even if you do create the website yourself, it may not be a dependable one. Remember, you are not a web design professional, so you may not recognize that your website is not a dependable until it is too late.

For example, your website could be up and work fine for several months. Once you try to change something, it could shut off or start to have other issues.

A mediocre website is bad for your business. You will probably have to spend a lot of money to get someone who knows what they are doing to make an emergency fix. The website is still the same website, and it could crash again.

A web design company will create a dependable website from the beginning and you will not have to worry about crashing, breaking, or just acting strange.

3. You Will Get Better Designs

There is only so much you can do yourself. Using a website template will leave you with an uninteresting website that looks like everything else out there.

You want your consumers to get enthusiastic about your website, and a professional web design company can do that for you.

They will give your website its own special design while keeping it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

4. The Website Will Run Faster

A website on its own will not be able to perform as well as a website that has the correct plugins and other tools.

A professional website design company knows what these things are and which ones will help your website. That means you will get an extraordinary website that is not held up with long loading screens.

5. It is Made with Up-to-date Mobile Technologies

Since you are not a web developer, you probably do not know what these technologies are.

Mobile-friendly designs are always shifting and growing, and missing out on this can cut off possible customers. Many people search the internet on their mobile phones, so it is vital to have a website that is compatible with their devices.

6. Your Website Will Look Well Made and Professional

It takes individuals about 1/10th of a second to get the first impression of another person. However, it takes them even less time to get a first impression of your website.

Within the first 50 milliseconds of browsing your website, the person has already decided whether they will stay or leave.

That means the look of your website is tremendously important. If it looks like a good, clean, modern website, your visitors are more likely to stick around or come back in the future. If your website looks boring, awkward, or outdated, they will probably leave and find something they like better.

7. You Will Look Dependable

People want to know there is a trustworthy company on the other side of the website. A website that is thrown together in a rush or just not made well is not going to give them that.

Hiring a professional web design company can. Getting them to produce a nice, functional website can get you more clients and customers. If they see a well made and good looking website, they will feel more comfortable interacting with your business.

8. The Website Will Be SEO Optimized

A website design company can make your website search engine optimized. This means it will appear higher in the search results and more people will be able to find your website when searching on popular search engines such as Google.

If your site is not SEO optimized, it will be tough for potential clients and customers to see you.  If they cannot find your website then you will most likely lose customers.

9. The Website Will Make you More Money

The website will look superior, so your clients will get a good first impression and trust the company behind the page. That means you will gather more customers and clients who are willing to do business with you.

Your website will also rank higher in the search engines, which will let even more individuals find you. These are things you will not get if you create your website yourself.

10. It is an Investment in Your Businesses Future

Your business website is an investment, not a cost. When you think of it that way, it’s well worth spending some extra money to get that personalized touch.

11. Employ a Professional Web Design Company

These are just some of the benefits that come with hiring a professional website design company.

The list could continue to go on and on, but things like reliability, speed, honesty, affordability, and a clean professional look are the only reasons you need to let a professional create and build your business website.

If you’re looking for a company to design your website, Overdrive Digital Marketing would love to help you.