Get More Donations! We increase your nonprofits visibility online by managing and optimizing your (1) Website, (2) Facebook/Instagram, and (3) Google My Business Listing.



OverDrive Digital Marketing and Slate Media Studios partner with nonprofits for transformational change. Together with our partners, we help elevate causes and strengthen programs for continued success using tried-and-true practices and innovative approaches.

As leading experts in online fundraising campaigns and digital marketing strategy, we plan and implement initiatives to help nonprofits make a bigger impact.

We design and implement online fundraising initiatives that transform the future of your organization.

nonprofit fundraising service

6 Key Benefits of Good Website Design

  • It sets the first impression.
  • It aids your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
  • It sets the impression for customer service.
  • It builds trust with your audience.
  • Your competitors are doing it.
  • It creates consistency.


  • No Money Up Front!
  • Service Fee Equal to 50% of Online Donations Through Website
  • 0% on All Other Donations
nonprofit fundraising service


Website Development

We design a website that meets your requirements and work with you until it is perfect. All websites come with unlimited edits! All websites come with on-page SEO to help them be found on Google. Our higher end website packages come with off-page SEO to help them rank at the top of Google and Bing search results.


We specialize in ranking websites high in Google search Results with our SEO techniques and strategies. We aim for the #1 spot! We have successfuly reached #1 for dozens of our clients. Ask us about them!

Highlight Videos

Slate Media Studios will film 2 of your events a year and produce highlight videos to be used anywhere.

Website Content

Similar to blog articles, on page content such as the descriptions on your home page or services page needs to be search engine optimized. We will SEO every single page for their optimal keywords to make your website rank higher on Google.

Audience Analytics

We track how people are finding your website and make regular optimizations based on their behavior.

Email Marketing

Your website will be designed to collect emails and will be integrated with an email marketing platform.

More Donations

We optimize our client’s website to get more Donations!

Google & Social Media

We regularly post content to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business accounts.


We Want To Be A Transparent As Possible With Our Clients! Ask Us Anything!

What percentage of the online donations does the nonprofit keep?

In the end, the nonprofit (our client) keeps 50% of all donations that come in through the website’s software, but keeps 100% of all other donations like checks and cash that are mailed in, regardless if they are a result of our fundraising efforts. To collect our fee for our service, we will invoice our client at the end of the month an amount equal to 50% of the donation amount recieved through the website the previous month.

How does your percentage-based compensation work?

The non-profit (our client) is billed a sum equal to 50% of all donations that come in through the website’s software the previous month. OverDrive and Slate Media Studios then split the fee for service that was collected.

What happens to our website if we do not renew once our 2 year term has ended?

You will get a copy of your website without any of the specialty licensed software that we use to collect donations, make the website faster, and search engine optimize the website. It will look nearly identical, but your organization will need to host and edit it once we hand it over to you.

What happens to our pictures and videos if we do not renew once our 2 year term has ended?

The content posted on your social media accounts will remain, but you will not have access to any raw photos or footage unless a separate agreement is made with Slate Media Studios. 

nonprofit fundraising service